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Help with ordering

It is important that you have the correct correction. Therefore, ring the bell if you are unsure about which strengths to order.

Never just order strengths yourself. Therefore, regularly visit your eye care practitioner to measure your correct prescription and then use it to order your lenses.

Finally, we have created a table that translates the technical abbreviations for you.

If you have any further questions, please let us know!

You can email us at:

Field name: Name on packaging: Translation:

Diameter     DIA                                                       The size of the lens

Strength       SPH, Sphere, PWR or Power          The deviation of your eyes

Cylinder      CYL or CIL                                           The correction of astigmatism (toric lenses).

Axis               AX or Axis                                          The deviation from your eye axis, between 5 and 180.

Addition       addition or ADD                                The reading addition of multifocal lenses.

BC / RadiusBC, BCR, Radius or Base Curve     The curvature of the lens.

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