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If you are going to wear contact lenses, it is important to know exactly how you handle lenses. That is why we have listed everything for you on how to use your lenses and how to clean them if necessary.


You start by opening the packaging or box. So make sure the lenses are ready to grab, but keep them in the packaging. Then wash your hands well to get rid of all bacteria.

Once you have done this, place the contact lens on your index finger of any hand you prefer. Then clamp the upper eyelid tightly with the index finger of your other hand. Then, with your middle finger of the same hand that the lens is on, clamp the lower eyelid and hold firmly at the eyelid edge so that you can no longer blink.

Then bring the lens up to your eye and keep a close eye on yourself in the mirror so that you can direct where the lens is going. Once the lens is on the eye, gently let go of the lower eyelid and then the upper eyelid. Blink a few times and your lens is in the right place.

To clean

If you wear daily contact lenses, you do not need to clean the lenses as you take them out of the packaging in the morning and throw them away in the evening after wearing them.

This is different with weekly or monthly lenses. There are various ways to clean these lenses, but the most common way and also the easiest is with the all-in-one liquid.

You take the lens out of the box and gently rub the lens with your thumb and forefinger and some all-in-one liquid for about 10 seconds. Then rinse the lens with the same liquid and the lens is ready to be worn.

There are also other types of liquids that you can use to clean the lenses. These clean more thoroughly compared to the all-in-one liquid. However, this takes more time.

The use of this liquid varies by brand. For more information about how to use this, see the credit of the packaging.

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