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Eye care

Good eye care is extremely important, especially if you wear contact lenses. Therefore, have your eyes checked regularly by your eye care professional. Therefore, visit your contact lens specialist once every six months for a contact lens check.

A contact lens check always looks at the health of the anterior eye segment to see if no damage has been caused by wearing contact lenses. We also look at the quality of your tear film. Then it is assessed whether your eyes are not too dry.

Furthermore, it is checked whether the lens fits well on the eyes and the strength is checked. If it happens that you get complaints with your lenses, you can always contact your contact lens specialist.

Always have your contact lenses fitted by a specialist and never wear contact lenses just like that. A contact lens has different sizes and the contact lens specialist has the equipment to find the appropriate size for your eyes.

Furthermore, the instructions are also given on how to handle contact lenses. It is important to follow this protocol to avoid eye infections.

If you have any questions, you can of course contact us.

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